Monday, March 30, 2009

Teen Writing Opportunities

"Free to Publish. No Setup Fees."
  • Publish your stories!!
Merlyn’s Pen
“Fiction, Essays and Poems by America’s Teens”
  • Contests
  • Writing Submission Opportunities
Teen Ink
“Print, Website & Books Since 1989”

  • Writing Submission Opportunities
  • Fiction or Nonfiction Work
Alliance For Young Artists and Writers
“To identify, motivate and validate the next generation of artists and writers”

  • Awards
  • Scholarships
“Minnesota Society For Interest In Science Fiction and Fantasy”

  • Contests
  • Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Supernatural or Alternate History Fiction
  • Online Clubs
Landmark Editions
“Students Can Create Amazing Books!”

  • National Kids-in-Print Book Contest for Students
Tweener Ministries, Inc
“Tweener Ministries seeks to develop the creative potential of high school students and provide venues for it to be shared.”

  • Competitions
  • Christian Venue
“The Publishing Site for High School Writers”

  • Post your works in progress and get feed back
  • Writing Workshops
Teen Writing
“Read essays, stories, scripts, and poems written by other teenagers, and even submit your own!”

  • Submit work
  • Writing Opportunities

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