Friday, June 27, 2008

My Logo

When it came time to form my publishing company, the name - Faith Inspired Books - came quite easily. I believe firmly that each and every one of my stories is a special blessing from God, so the idea that I'm inspired through my faith was pretty elemental. But coming up with a logo, for a while, seemed just about impossible. How can you illustrate a concept like inspired faith? How impossible is that?! I tried angels and hearts, Bibles and strong, beautiful trees. But nothing felt right.

Then my wonderful artist friend Laury (who's also done most of my covers) sent me this odd little symbol that looked a little bit like a parenthesis lying on its side with a big dot in its center. I remember staring and staring at that symbol and then all of a sudden ... I smiled. To me, that parenthesis is really God's hand and that dot, well, that dot is little 'ole me safely in His palm - just where I want to be. Lots of times when I explain my logo to people they look at me with a puzzled expression followed by a "whatever" look. Which makes me smile once again. Perhaps they'll think about themselves and whether they are in God's palm, huh?

Faith Inspired Books - books with heart and soul. Stories written by a woman who strives to be right in the center of God's palm. The very best place one could strive to be.

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