Friday, June 27, 2008

Biblical Women And Who They Hooked Up With

Fact: Every relationship in your life past, present, and future is directly related to the state of your heart. So, let’s take some time to examine that heart of yours: do a little thoughtful introspection, examine its quality, realign your priorities, begin to fix what’s broken, begin to strengthen what’s weak, find what’s lost and … make God smile a bit.

Let me introduce you to: Eve and The Only Guy On the Planet – A Heart of Perfection. Sarah and The Guy She Was With For One Hundred Years – A Heart Of Patience. Leah and Her Sister’s Husband – A Heart Of Self Confidence. Tamar and The Guy She Picked Up On The Side Of The Road – A Heart Of Strength. Rahab and The Guy Who Got It For Free – A Heart of Belief. Bathsheba and The Guy Who Didn’t Give Her Much Choice – A Heart Of Trust. And Mary and The Perfect One – A Heart Of Obedience.

Realize what is at the heart of the matter: A Heart Committed To God.

My first foray into nonfiction! Get to know, up close and personal, a few of my most favorite biblical women. Women who, stunningly, are very much like you and me ... except they didn't have indoor plumbing and a few other creature comforts.Biblically accurate, I work to bring these godly women to life with a little bit of humor, a lot of interesting facts and some thought-provoking questions.The very same struggles we face today, these women faced as well. Why not take a moment or two to check out how they handled things? Maybe you'll get a few new survival tips to help you along your way.

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