Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hello To Room B-6!!!

Today I have the privilege of visiting a fourth grade classroom and talking about my writing!

Hello Grace, Ross, Amanda, Nina, Jason, Michael, Keri, Nicholas, Luke H., Katherine, Reecca, Logan, Samuel, Alyssa, Luke McG., Jenna, Francene, Kyle, Jessica, Andrew, Angela, Anthony and Sydney!

Thanks Mrs. Stazzone for letting me come in and
talk about my passion for writing!!

Do you remember the words I taught you? (I'll remind you below if you forgot!)





Do you remember why I show a picture of an iceberg?

Do you remember the things that are the most important when it comes to writing?

H****G F*N


B***G P*****T

Do you think your parents can solve this proofreading problem?

Their are six misteaks in this sentance. Can you find them.

I showed you these two pictures. Do you remember what they are?

Answers To My Questions Above:

Query: to ask

Market: to sell

Publish: to print

Genre: a kind

I say writing is like an iceberg. The book that you read is like the iceberg that you see. However, the reality of writing is that there is much, MUCH, MUCH more that you need to do that you don't see (like the huge part of the iceberg that's under the water and invisible to our eyes.)

The three things that are most important when it comes to writing:

Having Fun


Being Patient

The six mistakes are: "Their" should be "There", "six" should be "five", "misteaks" should be "mistakes", "sentance" should be "sentence", and the second sentence should end with a question mark, not a period.

The two pictures are the view from my desk where I write and ... me ... when I was about eight years old! Even back then I wanted to be a writer!!


bonseye said...

Thank you so much for going to B-6 today! Logan had a great time! His sister loves to write and is graduating from Bridgewater-Raritan HS this year and will major in English. She LOVES to write and will go to Amazon for a book. She is taking a novel writing class and can't get enough of books! Thank you for inspiring the class!

Susan McGeown said...

I read Logan's story and it was wonderful! I had a great time today - it's a wonderful class. Logan's sister should check out It's a wonderful site to "get the taste" of publishing at very affordable prices. Thanks for your kind words!