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~Nonfiction Bible Study~

Fact: Every relationship in your life past, present, and future is directly related to the state of your heart. So, let’s take some time to examine that heart of yours: do a little thoughtful introspection, examine its quality, realign your priorities, begin to fix what’s broken, begin to strengthen what’s weak, find what’s lost and … make God smile a bit.

Let me introduce you to: Eve and The Only Guy On the Planet – A Heart of Perfection. Sarah and The Guy She Was With For One Hundred Years – A Heart Of Patience. Leah and Her Sister’s Husband – A Heart Of Self Confidence. Tamar and The Guy She Picked Up On The Side Of The Road – A Heart Of Strength. Rahab and The Guy Who Got It For Free – A Heart of Belief. Bathsheba and The Guy Who Didn’t Give Her Much Choice – A Heart Of Trust. And Mary and The Perfect One – A Heart Of Obedience.Realize what is at the heart of the matter: A Heart Committed To God.



~Historical Fiction~

2008 Golden Rose Winner!!!

He was a prisoner of war at seven. She was a widow at fifteen.
For Thomas, bastard by birth, the opportunity to fight and serve the King was an honor he should never have expected, but by chance received. Focused and driven, his dreams were simple; just to have a place to call home.

For Rosamund, her beauty was renowned, yet it was her faith that was her strength. She struggled with the reality of her world; dreams were for fools and love was for wastrels.
Life in the 12th century, when King Henry II ruled, was a time when responsibilities and obligations were your birthright and honor demanded you saw them through to the end. The price was high, even to death. As Thomas and Rosamund struggle in the separate paths of their lives, the complications of politics and war and hatreds and revenge swirl around them making every forward step seemingly impossible.

And then things get even worse, for they fall in love.Could it really be that the path most difficult to follow is the only one worth choosing?



~Historical Fiction~

She is Elle Graves. She is 14. She is a captive. She is alone. She is frightened. She is no better than a slave. But she is not a red savage. Her story is wrapped within the historical facts of the Cherokee Nation in the early 19th century at a time when they were at their best and ultimately driven to their worst. Elle experiences the worst of hatred and the best of love as she travels down her life path and strives to reconcile the two worlds that she knows; her white one that she can never escape and the red one that she has chosen to embrace.

Elle discovers that family has nothing to do with blood. She learns that a life well lived involves difficult choices that transform you, making you not red, not white, but more closely pink. As she travels her life journey, which involves her head, her heart, and most importantly, her soul, she finds out that she was always a powerful woman even before she knew it.



~Historical Fiction~

Her name is Bear. She is happy here in the Indian village she has chosen to call home even though to look at her you would see that she has white skin. At 15, she is the mate of Bright Feather and the people of The Maple Forest are her family. All she loves and holds dear are in this special garden walled around.

This is the story of a captive white girl named Elle Graves who transforms into a powerful Indian woman, mate, and mother. The book encompasses a period in the 19th century during which the Cherokee achieved great success. However, dark struggles are looming, threatening all the things that she treasures. The greatest of all threats comes from the white world, a place that Bear was born into but chooses to reject. Worst of all, could her precious garden walled around be in greater danger simply because of the choices she has made to stay?

Bear discovers, the hardest of choices that anyone must make has to do with those you love.



~Historical Fiction~

She is Bear, the mate of Bright Feather. She has matured from a frightened, captive, white girl to a mate, mother, and perhaps most importantly, Powerful Indian Woman. She is eighteen years old.
Wrapped within the historical facts of the Cherokee Nation during the early 19th century, we watch The Nation struggle inside and outside its borders. During this period, Andrew Jackson becomes president and under this presidency we see their forced migration to land west of the Mississippi and the tragic Trail of Tears in 1839. We see deprivation and deception, broken promises and sorrow. But we also see determination, hope, faith and honesty.

As the white world presses in on Bear’s precious garden walled around and all those she holds dear, she must fight to be able to call herself a survivor. For her ability to walk in both the white and the red world might be the best weapon they have to save them all.



~Contemporary Fiction~

What do you do when you discover that your entire adult life has been a lie? What do you do when you realize everything you believed in and trusted in was nothing but an illusion painted with deceit and framed in your own stupidity?

At fifty-two, the only fact that she is certain of is that her life is just about over. Standing, looking at herself in the mirror, the ravages of time and The Truth have turned her into a bitter, lonely, hateful, spiteful old woman. The peaceful, proper, well-behaved existence that has defined her entire life has gotten her absolutely nothing except an ocean of tears and a lifetime filled with regrets.

However, whether she likes it or not, Bee must gradually begin to face the fact that perhaps God has not quite finished with her … yet.

A Well Behaved Woman’s Life is a story that reminds us that even in our darkest times, God has anticipated our needs, reassuring us that anything is possible and it is never too late – even for love, dreams, laughter and happiness.



~Contemporary Fiction~

Nothing could be worse than being a bride abandoned on her wedding day, right? Wrong. Try factoring in an unplanned pregnancy that shatters what is left of Karly Martin’s dreams to be a missionary.

But Karly is a survivor, stronger and braver than she ever thought possible. Giving up her son for adoption and accepting a missionary position with a Navajo mission school gives her the chance to build on the dreams she thought she had had to abandon. Slowly, she begins to heal.

Earl Nezbegay sees to all of his responsibilities: caring for his quadriplegic sister, and her eleven year old daughter, and helping out at the Navajo mission school. Keeping busy enough not to think, keeping numb enough not to feel, and keeping distant enough not to interact. It’s not exactly living, but it’s surviving.

Recipe for Disaster brings together two very broken people. Neither is looking for love, but then life isn’t always what we plan or expect, is it?



~Contemporary Fiction~

Don’t talk to Claire Jenkins about how tough things can be. She’s had a front row seat experiencing the cruelties of life, literally from the moment of her birth. Just leave her alone, stay out of her way, and, don’t offer her any sympathy or charity. She may be living on the edge, but she can take care of herself thank you very much. But even the most seasoned survivor does have a breaking point…

Paul has a past that is as bleak as a burned out forest. And a skeleton in his closet that’s the size of Mount Rushmore. He knows that the only person to get him out of this mess is the same one that got him there in the first place: himself.

For Claire, her rules of survival, accumulated through her very own blood, sweat, and tears are not working. What’s a desperate woman to do? Perhaps, she may just have to throw out those old rules of survival and come up with a few new ones. Rules that are rooted in trust, love, and faith …



~Contemporary Fiction~

No one is ever completely what he or she appears …

Adam LeGrande, computer genius and billionaire, is drifting through the drudgery of his life. The highlights of his day revolve around verbal sparing matches with his annoying and shifty butler and refining his skill at “strategic alienation”. But hey, what’s a cynical man to do?

Just about everything Kathryn McFadden touches business-wise turns to gold. Which is just as well, because the personal side of her life is as vibrant as a burned out forest. And, no thank you, she does not want to discuss what area of her life needs the most prayer.

Miles Bishop is butler, chef, chauffer and personal assistant to Adam LeGrande. Always available with a cup of tea or a bitingly sarcastic observation. Which begs the question: If nothing is as it appears, what’s he hiding?

The Butler Did It illustrates the wonderful truth that through God’s love and grace we can become new people – no matter what we hide deep down inside.



~Contemporary Fiction~

My name is Elaine.

Talk to my daughter Olivia and she’ll mention my lousy maternal instincts, blatant favoritism towards her sister, one-sided loyalties, and convenient memories regarding my personal disasters.

My friend Callie will tell you I have a wonderful relationship with my daughter Erin and a spectacular relationship with my grandson. She’s quick to point out that I’m “strong, capable, and resilient.”

Then there’s Alec. He says I’m the toughest woman he’s ever dealt with. He says that I’m smart and sharp and not at all shy or hesitant about speaking my mind. And he’s also quite certain that I’ve eviscerated lesser men.

Actually, I’m a moderately capable, semi-competent, usually reliable, vaguely lonely and uniquely insecure. Best served up in small, carefully managed dosages for the most successful result. Like strong cough syrup. Or Milk of Magnesia. Not intended for small children, not to be taken regularly, and never to be mixed with alcohol.


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